Globe Projects Contractors is usually manages the day-to-day activities at the jobsite. We are the lead entity in charge of actually building the building. We have our own employees who serve as project manager or foreman with laborers who self-perform on projects or utilize a variety of specialty subcontractors. Generally in large commercial projects, various subcontractors complete 80-90% of the work. Globe Projects Contractors  serves as the project manager coordinating the work of the subcontractors and serving as the liaison in communicating with the owner or architect on project activities.




Globe Projects is fully motivated to keep the entire project within budget. When the overall costs of the completed project come under the bid price, the Globe Projects benefits and gets to keep those unused funds as profit. However, any cost overruns require asking the owner for more funds or changing project scope. This happens more frequently as the Globe Projects was not involved in the pre-construction phase to assist in providing more accurate estimates.